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A Critical Resource For Any Nurse Who Wants to Be Taken Seriously

Presentation skills are critical to being an effective nurse.
Just as important as knowing how to draw blood or give a shot.
(Possibly more important.)
Don't you wish you had known this when you first started out?

Can you imagine what your career will be like when you can speak  confidently and clearly, present information in a manner that is fully understood and then achieve the respect that you deserve?

What if I told you that effective communication and presentation skills affect:

  • Your ability to further your career?
  • Whether or not your peers respect you?
  • How people receive your information?
  • How your patients perceive you?

From:  Jane Butler, 4:13 PM

Dear Fellow Nurse,

Are you struggling with presenting information effectively to your patients? Do you feel like your patients aren't "listening" properly or "understanding" the importance of what you’re telling them?

Look, words represent a small fraction of effective communication. I understand, personally, how difficult it is to present information so that your patients and peers fully comprehend exactly what you intend to say.

I’ve been there.

A lack of presentation skills is a huge problem in the field of nursing. Whether it’s getting your point across to doctors, other nurses, patients, family members or caregivers – you need to know how to present information with crystal clear accuracy.

If you want to overcome your communication and presentation obstacles, then this will be the most important information you’ll ever read in your life.

Keep Reading.

Hi, my name is Jane Butler.

I’m a qualified registered nurse and have successfully obtained my MSc in Cardiology. I have over 30 years of nursing experience, spanning clinical practice, research, education and academia.  During this time I have had countless opportunities to be involved in both formal and informal presentations. Having held Council and Board positions (Council Member - British Society for Heart Failure, Junior and Honorary Secretary - British Association for Nursing in Cardiac Care) I received formal training in presentation skills which I found invaluable.

As a lecturer at City University (London) and Imperial College (London) I recognize the importance of such training and the impact it has on levels of confidence and how it can give nurses a voice. I therefore wish to share my experiences of what makes the perfect presentation to assist nursing staff, just like you, how to improve your communication and presentation skills.

Why do you need presentation skills?

If you are presently a nurse (or are even training to be a nurse) then you know the answer to this question already. Think about the times you’ve seen a patient’s family member ask a nurse a question, and the nurse nervously mutters out a response, unsure of what to say, and how to say it effectively.

The result is an upset patient and under-confident family who are not sure how serious or important the information is.

Or, how many times have you seen a nurse fumble and stumble through a professional presentation?

Embarrassing in front of peers, isn’t it? Has it happened to you?

Have you ever started a shift and found the hand-over nurse's notes illegible and unintelligible? How can you help your patients when information has been passed on in this manner?

Think about the last time you tried to tell a doctor about an important observation or to relay pertinent patient information, and they completely shrugged you off?

I’ve seen hundreds of instances like this happen over the years. The fact that many good nurses don’t know how to communicate or present information with authority and confidence affects thousands of careers and patients' medical experiences worldwide each year.

It Is A BIG Problem

But, you can make sure that it’s not your problem – ever again. If you want to learn how to get your message across – effectively and with authority and confidence – in every professional setting you can imagine…

Then I would like to present to you…

The Complete Beginners Guide to Perfect Presentations for Nurses.

Perfect Presentations For Nurses

In This Guide You’ll Discover How To…

  • Put Your Career In Forward Motion!
  • Help Patient’s, Fellow Nurses And Doctors By Becoming An Effective And Respected Team Player.


As a nurse with over 30 years of hands on experience, I have found that many nurses lack communication and presentation skills. I’ve seen it first hand. I see it every day.

So I have poured my heart and soul into writing this guide, to help nurses like you become more effective in your chosen career.

you just need the right information and a little practice.

Here's A Sneak Peak At What You'll Find In...

The Complete Beginners Guide To 
Perfect Presentations For Nurses

  • Public Speaking Tips: Train Your Subconscious to Enjoy Public Speaking!

  • The Importance of: Tone, Body Language, Eye Contact and Facial Expressions in delivering a clear message.

  • public speaking for nursesPresentation “How to”: Planning, Powerpoint and Audience.

  • How To Get Taken Seriously: Speaking With Confidence And Authority.
  • On The Job Presentation Skills: The Difference Between Life And Death.    

  • Patient Presentation & Peer Presentations.
  • Too Much To Remember? How To NOT Forget.
  • Dealing With Antagonists.
  • Making A Written Presentation.

  • Is Your Handwriting Worse Than A Doctor’s?

  • Formal Presentations: How Much Prep Is Too Much?

Whether you want to improve All Of These Skills, or just a few,

The Complete Beginners Guide to Perfect Presentations for Nurses is for you.

   If You Struggle With Public Speaking It’s Not Your Fault.

Look, most nursing schools just focus on the clinical aspect of nursing. There is very little training out there on how to get your message across effectively. Most nurses just “wing it” and hope they get it right.

Unfortunately this system of trial and error can hurt careers – and a patient's understanding of diagnosis or seriousness of required treatment!

There is another way.

What If You Could Communicate Clearly And Effectively, Every Time?

Wouldn’t that be awesome? Think about the last time you delivered a health warning to a patient. “You really need to eat a healthier diet, get some exercise and stop smoking. This lifestyle will kill you.” Can you imagine what it would be like to give this information to your patient -- and for them to finally, truly understand the importance. To finally “get it!”

Well that’s why I created this guide for you right here and right now… to help you become an effective presenter and communicator. The same way I’ve helped many other nurse colleagues… and, the same way I helped myself

…Isn’t it time you started moving up your career ladder, instead of just spinning your wheels?

…Imagine not having to repeat yourself to your colleagues, over and over.

No more staying up late at night worrying, “Ooh, I hope the nurse on the next shift could read my handwriting. Patient Jones is allergic to penicillin.”

…Aren’t you sick and tired of doctors and senior staff disregarding your opinions? What if you could speak with the same confidence and authority as ANY doctor or nursing staff who you look up to and respect because they display great communication and presentation skills?

It is possible. But you need to know how.

Most Nurses Don’t Even Realize They Have This Problem…

This guide is based on years of my own presentation and communication experiences. Making mistakes, learning what was successful, as well as talking to hundreds of nurses, doctors, and patients regarding the importance of presentation skills in nursing.

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What's It Worth To You?


What if you could put a price tag on respect and authority? What is it worth to you to KNOW that you have mastered perfect presentation and communication skills to effectively deliver vitally important, possibly life-saving information to your patients?

Can you put a price tag on that?

To have a peer – a nurse with 30+ years of experience - reveal these tips and methods, like the ones you’ll find in this guide, is priceless! How much is that worth to you?

Here’s Why This Is A Smart Investment For You:

You’re getting this guide because these critical skills – that can cause irreversible problems in your workplace and become a barrier to your progression – are not taught in most nursing schools.

Come to think of it, most nurses weren't taught or didn’t practice communication or public speaking skills when they were in high school either.

Effective Presentation and Communication Skills

Are A Big Problem In The Nursing Industry.
If You Want To Opt Out Of The Problem And
Become Part Of The Solution,
Then Get This Guide Right Now.

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The price is a drop in the ocean when compared to what you will learn in this guide. And don't worry, if for any reason you're not happy with the content, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.

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Look, I plan to publish guides on various topics related to nursing over the next couple of years. I want you to be happy with what you learn in this guide. I want you to devour every section and apply what you'll discover inside. If, after 60 days, you're not happy with the skills you learn here, I don't expect ... or want ... to keep your money. Just send me an email for an immediate refund.

No questions, no quibbles…

The Guide Is Yours To Keep No Matter What.

Okay? So there you go! I don't think I can be any fairer than that can I? I truly want to help you succeed and do well for yourself.

Now it's over to you. Today you truly have the chance to make a real improvement to your current circumstances and to begin on a journey of development and change.

Think About This: Would You Be A Better, More Effective Nurse With Improved Communication Skills?

Isn’t there always room for improvement?

For a mere $27.00 you get the information and guidance you need to develop a skillset that will help you – your colleagues – and your patients – throughout your entire career!

Now, you can only get this guide from me. Some of this information could be available “piecemeal” in libraries or bookstores. However, you won’t find ALL of this information – the most critical communication skills, drilled down to the finest detail – all in one centralized guide like this.

Grab your copy using the secure order button below…

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The material is available to read online so simply download to your computer.
I wish you every success.


J A Butler

P.S. Don't forget, everything you need to be successful in presenting and communication to become an effective nurse is right here. Whether you are talking with patients, families, caregivers or your peers, HOW you deliver your message is as important as the words you use. Learn HOW to get your message across right now. 

P.P. SYour career and the understanding and confidence that your patient's have in you depend on it. 

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