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Title: What Makes The Perfect Presentation For Nurses?

As a nurse, your hours are often long, stressful and full of many responsibilities. You are answerable to patients, colleagues, junior and senior staff. Without the ability to show others what you are able to do and to inspire others to listen to your ideas, your patients, teamwork and staff training abilities will have little impact and may become frustrating to you, the patients under your care and staff members under your lead. You will find that the ability to make perfect presentations, whether on a formal or informal basis, is a talent that will have a far broader reach than just the impact on your nursing career.

Regardless of whether you are trying to make a perfect presentation for nurses, explaining a treatment procedure to a patient or writing a research paper for approval, being able to present what you want to say in a clear and concise way is a skill well worth developing. So what skills do you need to acquire or polish? Even if you look down the following list and think, "I know how to do that." There will always be room for improvement and maybe new ideas of approach. Let's take five areas that you may or may not have considered as being an important part of presentations for nurses:

1. Body Language
The level of language being used, intonation, enthusiasm and eye contact.
Each of these issues dictates whether our message is important enough to listen to by how we use them. The level of language used to a child will be different to that of an adult. Intellect may be an issue. Does your eye contact convey serious or unimportance? Does your posture show boredom or lack of interest or does it show enthusiasm and excitement?
2. Appearance
Do you look professional in your working environment? Do you look confident and in control? You never know when a change of clothing, either uniform or informal change may be required. No good turning up for a presentation with unthinkable stains on your clothing.
3. Overcoming The Fear of Public Speaking (Glossophobia)
Does the thought of speaking in front of others send you into a state of anxiety/dry mouth/feeling dizzy or sick? This is a flight or fight reaction. Practice and using techniques to overcome the fear are a must for many.
4. Planning For the Presentation
Make a Checklist: Equipment, Seating, Room ventilation, Agenda, Slides and notes, Handouts. Plan for problems and have a solution prepared even if this includes hecklers.
5. Using PowerPoint
Putting together a series of slides. Visual information is better for many and helps you remember what you are saying. Easy to display Facts and Figures but knowing how to make the most of your content to keep the audience attention is a skill worth learning.

Giving presentations and public speaking can seem daunting tasks at first.  The trick is to keep developing your skills and improving after each event.  Most people feel the same fear when they start out; it's a natural step in the process to becoming excellent and confident with your abilities and putting together the most perfect presentation for nurses.

Encourage others you trust to help you work on your skills and practice what you have learned in all situations.  Whether you are talking to someone face to face or giving a presentation to a room of many, the same skills apply.  

If you suffer from anxiety when talking in front of people then you can work through that with tried and tested techniques. You just need to retrain your brain's response to the situation and the perfect presentation for nurses will be within your grasp.

To learn more about perfect presentations for nurses, J A Butler has produced a revealing and easy to follow guide that you can learn more about here <a href="">The Complete Beginners Guide To Perfect Presentations For Nurses!</a> website at <a href=""></a>.
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If you are looking to further your career as a nurse and need to overcome your fear of public speaking and learn how to develop your skills to be able to produce the perfect presentation for nurses you seriously need to take a look at J A Butler's new guide, 'The Complete Beginners Guide To Perfect Presentations For Nurses!' I've just read his E-book and highly recommend it. Learn how to achieve success by standing out from the crowd! Simple to follow information for all beginners on how to produce the perfect presentation.
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